Judy Sgro stands up to speak on her PMB/ se lève pour parler de son projet de loi. Ottawa, Ontario, on April 28, 2023. © HOC-CDC Credit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photo Services

Nova Oculus is in Full Support of MP Judy Sgro and her Bill, C-284.


Bill C-284, if passed, commits the Canadian government to a national strategy dedicated to improved access to eye care and rehabilitation services, a strategy that also envisions the creation of a vision desk at the Public Health Agency of Canada and investments in research to find new treatments to prevent and stop blindness.

This enactment provides for the development of a national strategy to support the prevention and treatment of eye disease to ensure better health outcomes for Canadians.

It also designates the month of February as “Age-Related Macular Degeneration Month”.

Full text of the bill can be found here.


Update: On June 8, 2023, Bill C-284 was unanimously supported by the House of Commons in the 2nd reading, with 324 votes in favor. The Bill has now been referred to the Standing Committee for possible amendments and further study.