Canadian solution to a global problem of blindness

A recently completed, Health Canada-approved clinical trial has demonstrated the ability of our Nova Oculus medical device to successfully treat hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have become functionally or legally blind from the effects of the dry version of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Treatment by this device can potentially extend by years the sight of those whose vision is suffering through AMD’s early stages.

Treatment with the Nova Oculus medical device is non-invasive. It requires no drugs. Its use of our patented microcurrent technology, in a waveform specifically designed to treat the delicate structures of the retina, is potentially game-changing for hundreds of thousands of Canadians who suffer with AMD.

Results of our clinical trial, mounted in suburban Vancouver and involving 50 patients all suffering from AMD, were so positive, the likelihood of approval by Health Canada regulators is significant. Those results were reviewed by an independent statistical analysis group that concluded what we have long suspected:

The Nova Oculus medical device successfully mitigated the symptoms of Age-Related Macular Degeneration in patients.

That report and our formal application were submitted to Health Canada at the end of August (2021) and we confidently await the regulators’ decision.