Nova Oculus Canada Manufacturing was founded in 2018. The name Nova Oculus is a loose translation from the Latin meaning “New Eyes.”

Walter O’Rourke, President

Mr. O’Rourke founded Nova Oculus Canada in 2018 and established its headquarters in Fergus, Ontario, northwest of Guelph.

A graduate of Centennial College, Mr. O’Rourke has had extensive managerial experience in the medical field as well as in other corporate environments.

Primary among them was as co-owner of Dialysis Solutions Inc., a company that gained FDA approval in the U.S. for a product that played an integral role in treating renal failure. His company produced a concentrate that, when added to a liquid solution, could safely and effectively do the blood-washing that mimicked the actions of a kidney. Over a 10-year period, the concentrate was used widely in U.S. hospitals.

After the company was sold to a leading Canadian drug manufacturer, Mr. O’Rourke played a critical role in reviving a failing 70-year-old company, Western Pottery, out of Los Angeles. By 2012, it was doing $35 million in business and is still going strong today.

He possesses extensive management experience in regulatory affairs, mergers, acquisitions, and private funding of corporations.

Terry McConnell, Director of Communications

A former journalist and the author of four books, Mr. McConnell joined Nova Oculus Canada at its founding in 2018.

A product of Mohawk College’s communications program, Mr. McConnell fashioned a newspaper career spanning 38 years and earned several awards of excellence at both the provincial and national levels.

At one time, a publisher of three community newspapers near Windsor, he was elected president of the Ontario Community Newspapers Association in 1986 and its national counterpart in 1993. His newspapering career concluded in 2011 with the Edmonton Journal, where he was for many years an editorial writer and a popular columnist.

For the next seven years, he worked as a communications consultant in Palm Springs, California, before returning to Canada in 2018. He lives in Edmonton.

Alfonso Salazar, Vice-President of Engineering

A graduate of Stanford University with a Bachelor of Science degree, Mr. Salazar joined the company in 2018 and is the principal designer and engineer of the Nova Oculus medical device.

A published academic writer, he has extensive career experience throughout the U.S. in the ultra-competitive high-tech field, including stints as president of ALGS Technologies in Plano, Texas, and vice-president of engineering for Blue on the Go and senior firmware engineer for TECOM Industries, both in Thousand Oaks, California.

Mr. Salazar has also worked in senior engineering and programming roles for companies in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Dallas and Fort Worth, Southfield and Ann Arbor, Michigan, and in the Silicon Valley.

He lives now in Austin, Texas.